Our website address is: https://www.roteec.com.

Roteec is a private limited company registered in Nigeria under the Companies and Allied Matters Act CAP C20, Laws of the Federation 2004 with Registration Number RC1583141.

Roteec is committed to provide an excellent and top notch transport service at affordable prices. Roteec offers speedy transport services. Our services are verified and trust worthy. Our drivers are duly registered and certified by Roteec.

Roteec has fleet of neat cars that are road worthy and fit the economic and social status of all customers.



        1. All drivers must be registered with Roteec by providing required information on the website.
        2. All registered drivers operate and manage a unique personal account with username and password.
        3. Upon creation of a driver’s account, you have entered into a valid contract with Roteec.
        4. Driver’s account is personal and not transferable.
        5. All Roteec drivers have a personalized Identity card upon entry of the contract which is not transferable.
        6. Upon registration, you are to provide your personal details with Roteec.
        7. Terms of contract will be filed or sent to your registered email address for confirmation.
        8. Upon accepting the terms and conditions of service, drivers are bound to sign their accompanying employment documents.



Roteec hereby grant you license to use the Roteec Driver’s account on Roteec app. This license is not transferable, nor sublicensed to a third party. The license is limited and revocable. Roteec reserves the right to revoke the license automatically upon the termination of contract agreement. Upon termination, you must stop using the Roteec app with immediate effect. Roteec is licensed to block and delete driver’s account upon termination of contract.

You are licensed to use Roteec signs, tags and all other business logos and accessories. This license is however, not transferable, sublicensed and the right is not exclusive. This right terminates upon termination of the contract and use of Roteec business accessories ceases.



Any dispute or claim rising out of or in relation to the terms and conditions of use will be referred to arbitration and finally settled before a single arbitrator in Nigeria and governed by the Nigeria Law, pursuant to the Arbitration and Conciliation Act Cap A18, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 as amended, replaced or from time to time.


The arbitration award may be entered in any court having competent jurisdiction to do so. The cost of arbitration shall be on the party instituting the action by way of written demand.



Roteec will provide customer support with regards to transport services. The support is reserved and may be revoked in the event of any unnecessary delay in payment not exceeding seven (7) days.



All registered drivers of Roteec which are under paid employment which is subject to change and in which case, you would be duly notified via your registered email address.

Salaries are payable at the end of the calendar month and not per trip basis. Roteec reserves the right to negotiate, increase or decrease the amount payable to the drivers. Drivers are informed of their due salary before signing accompanying employment details sent to the email or at the registered office of Roteec.



Roteec allow riders to pay for transport services through card and other approved payment methods through the Roteec app. Payment made in-app through riders are valid and verified payments. Roteec reserves the right to issue promo code to rider. These promo codes can be applied as in-app payment and extra charges can only be colled where cost of trip exceeds promotional code.

Roteec drivers’ are licensed to collect the cash equivalent for trip where a customer desires to make cash payment for rides. You are not authorized to collect a fee lesser or higher than what Roteec charges the rider. Where a driver inflates the price for rides, if found, would be liable to an offence and such account would be reported and such fruadlent act would amount to a termination of contract.

All cash payment must be remitted to Roteec and taken to satisfy the driver’s wages or salary. All cash payments must be vouched by receipt and a duplicate copy duly returned to Roteec for accounting purposes



Roteec may give general notice on services through electronic mail to your email address in your account. Notices could also be sent to the registered phone numbers. You can give notice to Roteec through contact information in-app. The Terms and Conditions will be governed by and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria if the respective dispute could not be resolved by arbitration. These terms constitute an agreement between you and Roteec.